Dr. Joelle Pauporte created the Light One Little Candle Foundation in 2005.

Joelle, a young mother, and terminal breast cancer patient, who learned that no matter how sick, exhausted or overwhelmed she felt, she and her daughter found comfort cuddling together and reading. Thus, she founded the first program at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut. It was so successful that other comprehensive Cancer Centers such as Dana Farber, Sloan Kettering, Cancer Cares and three other Connecticut Hospitals initiated similar programs.

Light One Little Candle is designed to encourage cancer patients who are also caregivers to continue to bond with their children throughout their illness by reading books together.

The Light One Little Candle Foundation’s goal is to work with hospitals and cancer centers all over the country to provide new children’s books to interested patients who want to make the most of the time they spend with their children.

Volunteers solicit new books and money from the community to donate books to those family members undergoing treatment. A special bookplate for writing notes to the children creates a legacy of memories and life lessons. Lee Rosenberg, a childhood friend of Joelle, is the President of the National Foundation. The Foundation is a registered 501 (C) (3) organization. For more information see www.lightonelitlecandle.org

Shirley Tulin, retired San Diego social worker, read about this program and thought it was an exciting creative way to help families in crisis. She introduced the concept to Moores UCSD Cancer Center on November 15, 2006. Shortly thereafter Moores UCSD Cancer Center agreed to co sponsor the next Light One Little Candle Chapter that is the only Chapter on the West Coast.

Light One Little Candle at Moores UCSD Cancer Center has an active volunteer committee. All Light One Little Candle volunteers are trained through the UCSD Medical Center, overseen by Community Health Program Manager, Danielle Caston, PhD. Volunteers distribute the new children’s classics for ages one to twelve from the book cart in the clinic waiting rooms and in the Infusion Center.
Books are also available daily at the Patient and Family Education Center.

Contributions for Light One Little Candle Chapter at Moores UCSD Cancer Center should be made payable to Light One Little Candle Foundation (please note on the check for Moores UCSD Cancer Center) Send to:

Light One Little Candle Foundation
Charlotte Perry
6685 Caminito Lindrick
La Jolla, CA 92037